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Chris taught me acting from year 9 to 11.


Seemingly simple things like body language and how it can impact on how others see you, stuck with me even after all these years.


The skills I learnt in how to be aware of and control my body language has served me well in so many aspects of my life, especially in job interviews.

I also attended private drama workshops outside of school where we discovered new techniques, and through monologues/duologues, worked on building characters. With a showcase at the end of the workshops, in front of Industry Professionals (Producers, Casting Directors, Agents etc), friends and family, we also learnt how to deal with nerves and perform in front of a large audience. 

On a professional level, Chris does everything he can to make you appreciate your own potential and get the best out of you as an actor.


He’s forever pushing you and encourages you to show what you are truly capable of.


On a personal note, Chris helped me through some dark times. He was always caring and would simply listen when I needed someone to talk to. He was always able to highlight the positives even when I couldn’t see them myself and made me laugh when my spirits needed lifting. He is constantly trying to get the best out of you.


He sets the high standards and expects dedication, commitment and hard work from his students. But he is also incredibly supportive and gives you everything you need to achieve your goals. 

He’ll push you past your limits and beyond what you think you are capable of. 


I am still in touch with Chris and recently assisted him by taking notes for a production he was directing.

Tyreese Jones, Previous Student

"First, you must learn to know who you are." - Uta Hagen
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