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Chris, is a passionate coach, director and mentor. 

As my tutor: Chris is committed to developing excellence of craft and works from the place of play, which I love. I found his technique challenged me to make strong, clear choices and to trust my instincts, this has enabled me be truthful in my work and to do my best work. 

As my director: Chris is that Director who inspires you to surprise yourself. I loved working with Chris, he gave me the freedom to create on every level. He is an actors director. Oh, and he's so much fun! 

Since working with Chris, Sarah completed a summer course at RADA. 


Sarah will be performing in the Camden Fringe Festival; working with theatre company N2P on a staged reading of the TV pilot, Skeletons by Damon Rochefort.

Sarah Cabrera, Actor


Chris taught me acting from year 9 to 11.


Seemingly simple things like body language and how it can impact on how others see you, stuck with me even after all these years.


The skills I learnt in how to be aware of and control my body language has served me well in so many aspects of my life, especially in job interviews.

I also attended private drama workshops outside of school where we discovered new techniques, and through monologues/duologues, worked on building characters. With a showcase at the end of the workshops, in front of Industry Professionals (Producers, Casting Directors, Agents etc), friends and family, we also learnt how to deal with nerves and perform in front of a large audience. 

On a professional level, Chris does everything he can to make you appreciate your own potential and get the best out of you as an actor.


He’s forever pushing you and encourages you to show what you are truly capable of.


On a personal note, Chris helped me through some dark times. He was always caring and would simply listen when I needed someone to talk to. He was always able to highlight the positives even when I couldn’t see them and made me laugh when my spirits needed lifting. He is constantly trying to get the best out of you.


He sets the high standards and expects dedication, commitment and hard work from his students. But he is also incredibly supportive and gives you everything you need to achieve your goals. 

He’ll push you past your limits and beyond what you think you are capable of. 


I am still in touch with Chris and recently assisted him by taking notes for a production he was directing.

Tyreese Jones, Previous Student


Chris was one of my tutors at Identity School of Acting and also directed me in two separate plays. Chris is a dedicated and professional director/ tutor with a passion for acting. I certainly feel that I improved as an actor under Chris’s tutorage. His style and approach allowed me to become a freer actor, losing my inhibitions and forcing me to trust my instincts (respecting, but not being a slave to the text). 


I am currently working on my own short film ‘Jilted’ and have a number of other projects in the pipeline

Du'aine Samuels, Actor


After being taught by Chris, I gained a new appreciation for the acting world. 


Chris takes the time to decipher each of his students unique talents in order to develop their self-confidence and help them to master themselves as well as their craft.


Chris has given me many opportunities to work with him as an Assistant Director and I landed my first professional directing job through Chris recommending me to a producer. 


I was introduced to many interesting ways of bringing out the best of my actors. He effectively uses his knowledge, creativity and many years of experience to create a comfortable environment that inspires his actors theatrically and encourages them to be continuously perfecting their craft. 

I have gone on to study TV and Film production in university, focusing my attention on scriptwriting and directing.

Racquel King, Previous Student


Working with Chris was probably some of the best years of my life.


He taught me so much of the technical aspects of acting and how to analyse a character in such a way that you really start to connect with them on a deeper level.

Chris was the reason I loved performing arts and really considered it as a career.


People always talk about that one teacher that really believed in them and made them feel special, but Chris did this with an entire class, I’ll always be grateful for that.

He impacted me in such a profound way that I’m still feeling the effects 3 years on.

One thing that makes Chris stand out from the crowd, is his delivery and approach. You walk away feeling motivated to do even the most mundane of tasks. To have someone like that teaching you is a blessing and I honestly can’t recommend him enough!

-Lauren O’Rourke, social media strategist trainee-

Lauren O'Rourke,

Previous Student

"First, you must learn to know who you are." - Uta Hagen
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