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Chris is a passionate coach, director and mentor. 

As my tutor: Chris is committed to developing excellence of craft and works from the place of play, which I love. I found his technique challenged me to make strong, clear choices and to trust my instincts, this has enabled me be truthful in my work and to do my best work. 

As my director: Chris is that Director who inspires you to surprise yourself. I loved working with Chris, he gave me the freedom to create on every level. He is an actors director. Oh, and he's so much fun! 

Since working with Chris, Sarah completed a summer course at RADA. 


Sarah will be performing in the Camden Fringe Festival; working with theatre company N2P on a staged reading of the TV pilot, Skeletons by Damon Rochefort.

Sarah Cabrera, Actor

"First, you must learn to know who you are." - Uta Hagen
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