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Online Courses will offer the opportunity to sharpen your skills, receive invaluable feedback from industry professionals and dramatically improve your chances of landing that next role.  

"6 Characters in Search of an Actor"

PUT YOUR VERSATILITY TO THE TEST: Each week, for 6 weeks, you will delve into one character.

48hr Audition Challenge 

If stats are to be believed, it takes on average between 150-200 auditions before a working actor lands a role. The 48hr Audition Challenge aims at landing you that role much quicker. 48hrs per week for 4 weeks, you will have 4 separate mock auditions. In total this means that by the end of the course, you will have completed 16 auditions. You will receive detailed feedback at the end of each week and each audition will be tailored to your needs as an actor (what you specifically need to work on).
"First, you must learn to know who you are." - Uta Hagen
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