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Acting Coach & Mentor

"Chris is committed to developing excellence of craft and works from the place of play, which I love. I found his technique challenged me to make strong, clear choices and to trust my instincts, this has enabled me be truthful in my work and to do my best work."

"He’s forever pushing you and encourages you to show what you are truly capable of."

"You walk away feeling motivated to do even the most mundane of tasks. To have someone like that teaching you is a blessing and I honestly can’t recommend him enough!"

Working Actors, Budding Actors and Actors in Training


Coaching and Mentoring for all stages of your career.

In-Person or Online

Courses and sessions tailored to your needs. 

Whether you are looking for regular coaching or just want to feel more confident before a last minute audition, we will work together to find that extra edge.


Through practical training, students rapidly build their self-confidence and develop the essential skills required for a successful and sustainable career in the performing arts industry.

What's Covered?

Stage and Screen

Character Development. Audition Technique. Specific Practitioner Method/Style. Skills & Technique. Self-Tape Preparation. Script Work. Improvisation and Devising. Voice and Movement. Working as an Ensemble (Team Building). Public Speaking. Confidence Building. Drama School and NYT/NYMT Audition Preparation. Syllabus Related Workshops (GCSE, A-Level).

"First, you must learn to know who you are." - Uta Hagen
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